About our Philosophy

Our tale of development, as a species, is a tale of technological prowess. Since that first rock used as a tool and that first flame lit, we have ventured a long way. Always in pursuit of greater convenience, better efficiency and more knowledge.

Some day we will venture out into the universe, augmented by mechanical appendages, organ replacements and other aides to sustain our existence beyond our home planet, and the journey to that moment will happen a step at a time.

At Suprnovae we help innovators in making these steps. As a dedicated bunch of fanatic, passionate and capable makers, we conceive and construct software and hardware solutions to the problems you observe, hopeful to fulfil our obligation as fellow humans to be a part of that tale of perpetual development and progress.

We believe that the process is somewhat analogous to the creative process required to produce a work of art. For this very reason we choose to be as approachable as possible to our customers. There are no stupid questions and anyone should feel free to suggest anything, because there is no saying what these impulses will lead to.

It goes without saying that this process also requires times of isolation, to gain focus, to avoid distraction and to get the job done, in a manner fitting of a true craftsman.

With our experience and skillset we have succeeded in producing solutions that fulfil their purpose and we are intent on doing this time and again as it happens to be one of the many rewarding things we draw from this life.

We go by the name Suprnovae because it is one of the most destructive phenomena known to mankind, yet posseses immense creative potential. After all, it is how stars are born, truly a force to be reckoned with. We aim to touch the lives around us in a lasting and profound manner; call it aeonic impact if you will. And you are reading this because our story has drawn your attention up until this point, which may suggest that we share some common goals and dreams.

That is a good reason to get in touch!